Funshine Express

  • Emphasizes safety. Note that some of our activities may present safety issues. Before beginning the activities, ask families' permission and inquire about food allergies and religious, cultural, or other restrictions. You choose only the activities that are appropriate for the children in your group, and supervision is a requirement.
  • Provides consistency and a predictable routine, which is comforting to children. Children are relaxed and ready to learn when they can anticipate what is happening next. As children move through developmental milestones, they will need to practice skills at which they are successful. The skill levels will vary greatly with any group of children, even those that are all the same chronological age. Only you know how long to stick with an activity for the benefit of the children in your care. Activities may change or be repeated. You may spend fewer or more minutes on a specific activity; the suggested daily/weekly routines are a guide.
  • Includes open-ended activities and materials that build a learning community in your program. When materials can be used in a variety of ways, more children benefit. Activities that allow for multi-ages and multi-skill levels will include more children. Older children or those with more advanced skills will be models for younger children or those who have not yet attained the skill. Activities in this curriculum encourage children to work together, share, and be successful at their individual skill level.
  • Promotes multi-sensory experiences. Many opportunities are included in our activities that allow children to learn through touch, smell, taste, vision, and hearing. We know that children learn best when information is provided through all the senses. Inquire with families about scent, plant, or animal sensitivities and/or allergies the children may have before beginning any new activities.
  • Invites exploration and discovery. The activities in our curricula include open-ended questions to promote language development, thinking, and problem-solving. When you model curiosity and wonder and encourage divergent thinking, you will be helping children reach new levels of development and deeper understanding of concepts.

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Friendship House is not just a childcare center; it’s a community where children and teachers come together to create a nurturing and vibrant tapestry of early learning experiences!